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One of the Biggest 3D Clubs!
Dear members,

We are a Super Group once again!

We want to thank everyone of our members who supported us, and donated points to make this a reality, we appreciate it… I highly appreciate it!!

Financial burdens kept us from being able to fund the Supergroup status this year, so we are very happy and humbled to receive the amount of financial love and support from all of you.

We want to specially thank, WillowXD, for taking the initiative and setting up the donation pool, her dedication and unwavering support for the group is second to none!


:iconetherealproject: EtherealProject
Hi and Welcome

Donations Needed to make this a super group once again!

I (WillowXD) has set up a donation pool, on my user page, we need 3,796 :points: points, I have already donated 1000 points that will help towards the total of 4,796 :points: points to get a years super subscription for the group!

We have 2992 :points: points so far, we only need 804 :points: points, please donate!!!

All donations will be greatly appreciated, big or small!

Any one who donates will be listed on the groups journal!

thanks for your time and appreciation, and we hope you keep supporting The3DArtistClub

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD

co-founder at The3DArtistClub


Sketchfab is now integrated with DA Journals

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 1:40 PM

DeviantART is proud to announce a new partnership with 3D web publishing service, Sketchfab!

Sketchfab, a leading platform to publish, share, and embed interactive 3D content, allows you to bring your 3D artwork to life in real-time without a plugin.

For more information please follow the link:…


New Galleries and Updated Submission Rules

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 12:05 PM

Hi everyone!

This is a short announcement to let you all know about some of the changes and additions that we have made lately here at T3DAC.
As some of you might have already noticed, we have made some changes and additions to the submission rules and also have added some new galleries.


We've updated the submission rules after noticing some negative trends in the submission process:

1) All submission must have a description stating at the very least the programs that were used in the creation of the artwork being submitted. We are doing this mainly to streamline the
submission process, and thus get your artworks into our galleries much faster. This also helps us classify your artwork so we know exactly in which gallery to display it. Aside from that, we believe that it is a good practice to let your audience know what software was used and how you got to the finish product. It truly adds credibility and professionalism to your artwork.
So please, be aware that any submission without a description (stating at least the software used in its creation) will be automatically declined. No exceptions!

2) Due to potential legal issues, we will no longer accept XPS or XNALara renders, or artwork from any similar software.

3) We will no longer accept sexually explicit material into our galleries. It's really gotten out of hand, and we have been receiving many, truly disgusting pieces depicting sexual violence against women. We are not prudes, nor are we here to be the art police, but this trend has really cross the line and we can no longer sit by and promote these pieces through our galleries.


We have also added several new galleries in order to serve our audience in a more efficient manner. Our new gallery categories are:

1) Vue and Terragen environments:
Gallery for all environments, scenes, and worlds created in Vue or Terragen

2) DAZ and Poser Characters:
Gallery for all DAZ and Poser character artwork.

3) DAZ and Poser Scenes:
Gallery for all DAZ and Poser scenes.

4) COMBO (Combination Gallery):
Gallery for all artwork created through the use of DAZ/Poser in combination with any other polygon modeling, digital sculpting, animation, or rendering application. This gallery is also intended for any artwork that doesn't fit in any of our other galleries or categories.

5) Architecture:
Gallery for all architectural models.

6) Artistic Anatomy & Nudes:
Gallery for all anatomy studies, be it human or animal anatomy. This is the home for all Écorchés and artistic nudes.

7) Typography, Symbols and Logos:
Well, the title pretty much sums up what this gallery is for.

Each gallery has it's own set of submission rules about what's accepted and what's not accepted in its pages. To ensure that your submissions will go through with any problems, please make sure to read those brief rules before you submit your artwork.

For now those are all of the changes and additions we have made here at the club. We are planning in adding a few more galleries in the near future, as well as other fun activities for all our members. Please stay tuned!

We want to thank you, all of our members, for sharing your wonderful artworks with us through all of these years; our membership has grown substantially in the last few months, and we are very happy to witness the rapid growth of such strong, vibrant and artistic community.

Thank you!

Bryce: an obscure elegance

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 17, 2013, 9:18 PM

Anyone who has been around 3D long enough knows never to write off a software package. Often you will hear words of wisdom like, “every program has its benefits”. This is all very true, and many of us will nod our agreement at the familiar sentiment, but one program that I’ve noticed that has received a considerable amount of flack is Bryce. Some of the criticisms levelled at it are fair enough, such as the current lack of OSX Lion and 64-bit support, but there is also a lot of misconception. Like with other predominantly hobbyist programs (though this program has not always been considered as such) such as Poser, Bryce is claimed by many to be afflicted with a self-titled “look” to the work it produces. The dreaded “Bryce look” is an often quoted grounds for disdain.

But underneath the quirky user interface (which is another element on which users are split), and the pit-falls of outdated material libraries that many-a short-time user has succumbed to in liberal quantities, is a program that is more than capable of producing beautiful works of art to rival any other program. In recent times Bryce has shown a strong but small following among surreal and abstract artists, with some truly outstanding work in the area, but a knowledgeable and patient user is also able to produce photorealism and other effects that many would believe was beyond this once revered program.

While Bryce does seem to be edging ever nearer the vast software graveyard - where mad scientists, necromancers, and archaeologists will be the only ones to seek it out - it could well be too early to declare a time of death. We’ve been here multiple times now before, but here it is, still rendering away on thousands of machines. While Bryce might not be up to the current industry standard, it is a great introduction for the 3D new comer. It is still an attractive piece of software, especially for the terrain enthusiast. It is cheap (and occasionally free), user friendly, easy to learn, and has a friendly community endowed with a huge documented knowledge base, much of it free. Beyond that, Bryce has a virtually limitless application for a patient 3D artist free of the constraints of the fast-paced industry… unless they want to render realistic human flesh or other materials that involve subsurface scattering techniques, but even there, there is progress being made by inquiring minds.

…so I was perusing the Bryce groups here on dA looking for those gems that denote a Bryce master, and thinking it was so silly that DAZ 3D seem all but intent on letting their misunderstood but elegant acquisition die on the vine, when it struck me that this was something I wanted to write about. Now I’m a reformed blogger and never intended to start a serious blog again, but for whatever reason that innate but undernourished journalist brain was jumping up and down. I began contacting people who were doing interesting things with Bryce and what started out as a small article on the program, of which I’m not even a user, snowballed into a series of interviews and artist features.

With three of four features posted on my blog, DigiSprawl I invite you all to come by and read the thoughts of four influential artists and enjoy their work.

03: Michael Frank…  

02: David Brinnen…  
Bryce 7.1 Pro - Sodium lighting tutorial by davidbrinnen

01: Santosky…  
Digital Art Santosky2012 - 022 by Santosky

See you there,

Jim :iconjim-zombie:

PS. In the spirit of the moment we have a new poll up. Are you a Bryce user and would you be interested in a group challenge?… Maybe you’re just rusty and been looking for an excuse to fire up the program? Anyway, there won't be any prizes as such, but the winning entry would receive a prominent front page feature with an optional interview discussing how the winning artist approaches their work.

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Are you happy that the group has a Super group subscription again? 

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15 deviants said It didn't really bother me, I'm just here to see other people artwork
10 deviants said Yes, the group looks great again and has more features!
4 deviants said No, I think it's just a waste of money, the group is still great without it...
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