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Simple Yet Complex Contest Winner

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2015, 1:06 PM

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that we finally got the public voting results
for the, Simple Yet Complex, group contest.  
Every participant did a magnificent job, not only in the modeling,
texturing and rendering of their artworks, but most importantly
in interpreting the somewhat subjective theme.
Each one of them gave it their own special twist,
interpretation and meaning, and frankly,
we couldn’t have asked for better results.

Our contest winner is the very creative and accomplished 3D artist,
with her magnificent artwork titled:
It’s Complicated.

It's Complicated -- My Second Daily Deviation! by recycledrelatives

We encourage everyone to check out her gallery,
her fractal works are simply magnificent,
they burst with color, shape and form;
they're a true delight for the senses.

Here are a few examples of her magnificent works:

Quick Dudley Only by recycledrelatives

Dirt and Sunshine by recycledrelatives

Fractal Flower Close Up by recycledrelatives

Mistakes - Chain 00 Pong 121 by recycledrelatives

Smooth Snakeskin Surf by recycledrelatives

Suspicion - Pong 89 by recycledrelatives

If They Matter  -  Pong 87 by recycledrelatives

In 2nd place we have the very meaningful
and spooky artwork, Chernobyl Swings,
by newdeal666

Chernobyl Swings by newdeal666

In 3rd place we have the thought provoking artwork
of logomachine,
aptly named, Simple Yet Complex

Simple yet Complex by logomachine

Congratulations to our winner and two runner ups
for their outstanding works!

Thanks to all of the contestants for participating in the contest,
and to all of those of you who took the time to vote.

Contest Ran by WillowXD and EtherealProject

The Group Contest - has ended!!!

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 9:35 AM

Hi and Welcome

We are running a Group contest! - Theme Simple yet Complex!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, I hope you enjoyed it, judging will commence!

here are the valid entry's!

Chernobyl Swings by newdeal666 Fallen... by AOGRAI Simple Yet Complex by Mann-of-LaMancha Rotom DS by Joseph-Romay Liquid Impact 1 by MatzeR Sky and Lighting V1.1 by HASHB Stairs by kronpano Simple yet Complex by logomachine L.A.S.E.R. (Lazy Art with Simple Emission Render) by purbosky Simple Yet Complex [contest entry] by bezo97 It's Complicated -- My Second Daily Deviation! by recycledrelatives

note: these entry's are valid because they kept to the rules and listed all the relive information!.

there is 2 stages of judging, first will be the admin judging done by me (WillowXD) and EtherealProject we will narrow the entry's down to the 5 final entry's then it will be public vote to decide the winner via poll!

We are not offering any money/dA point prizes in this contest, but the winner will be featured in our Featured folder in the group, and also on our Facebook page, so the prize will be more exposure!

The Theme is Simple yet complex!

This theme is very open, very creative, do any thing, but make it simple yet look complex! so let your self go, get as creative as you can and you get extra points if you think out side the box!!!

Contest Dates
The start date: 2nd March 2015
The entry end date: 2nd May 2015
The Admin judging day: 3-6th May 2015
The Public Voting Date: 7th May 2015
The Results Day: 8-9th May 2015

Note: Dates my change so keep an eye on the dates!!!

The Prizes!

- Their entry submitted into the Featured folder of the group! -
- A Group Journal showcasing the winners entry and other Art works and a Small bibliography! -
- Journal Features from some of The Club Admins and club members -
- Also as well as having bragging rights too! -

Note: Prizes may change for the better or worst, this will not be the groups fault if some prizes my be removed or added, if you can donate any prizes it would be much appreciated, prizes like dA Points and Journal Features, to donate a prize please tell WillowXD and please sate what kind of prize please!!!

- Must be a Member of this Club-
- Only 1 entry per Person-
- Must be at lest 80% 3D, created with 3D software-
- It must go within the theme-
- It must be created for this contest-
- Entry's must be submitted into the contest Folder -
- It must be uploaded in the time that this competition has been set -
- It must be suitable for family viewing and so no need for the mature tag-

YOU MUST state this information in your contest entry description also!

- This 3D artwork is made for the Simple yet Complex Contest held at The3DArtistClub
- 3D Software used - ___________
(example: 3Ds max, Zbrush, Daz esc...)
- Renderer used - ___________
(example: Mental ray, Vray esc...)
- Render time - ___________
(example: 5 hours)
- 2D software used - __________  
(example: Photoshop, Gimp esc...)
- Percentage of external models and materials implication - %__________
(This means the % of models and textures/materials you did not create/or downloaded, used for the creation of your entry)
- A small description of your entry

Voting System!

Once the contest has ended and all the entry's are in. The Group Admin (solo WillowXD and EtherealProject) will go through the entry's using the point system below and judge the entry's till we find the best 5 entry's and submit a public voting poll. The winner of the public poll, is the winner on the contest!

Admin Judging Point System
up to - 20 points for modelling
up to - 20 Points for lighting/rendering
up to - 20 points for texturing
up to - 20 points for composition
up to - 20 points for overall look

Note: The Point System will only be used when the Club admin are Judging!

How to Enter
Please submit your entry's in the Simple yet Complex Contest Entry Folder then at the top of the page there is a button called "Submit to this folder" click that and there you go, you have entered the contest!

Note: If your entry breaks any of rules it will be removed from the folder and it wont be entered!

If you have any questions on the Contest please ask!!!

Contest Ran by WillowXD and all other Club Admin

Cursos On-Line Introduccion a 3ds max

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 7, 2014, 7:44 PM

Hi and Welcome!

Hola y Bienvenido

Cursos On Line: Introducción a 3ds max

Online Course for Introduction to 3Ds max

Me gustaría anunciar que a Sakura Consulting Group estamos ofreciendo cursos en línea. Me va a correr un curso de introducción a 3Ds Max, Este curso está dirigido a personas que quieran aprender a crear 3D en 3Ds Max, esto puede ser para alguien que no sabe nada de 3D ​​o una persona que ya conoce a otro 3D programa y les gustaría aprender 3Ds Max.

El curso constará de tutoriales de vídeo, vídeos time-lapse, tareas semanales y actividades y foro en el que puedes hablar con tus compañeros y profesor.

Este curso no es sólo en español, pero con la esperanza de obtener la versión Inglés hasta pronto!

El curso es totalmente en línea y dura un mes (4 semanas) y puede tener de 2 a 30 participantes en una clase. y se puede hacer en tu tiempo libre.

El curso cuesta $ 120 (IVA incluido)
Reserva antes del 15 de octubre de Conocer el precio de descuento de $ 45! (IVA incluido)
usted puede pagar por transferencia bancaria o PayPal.

Para más información póngase en contacto conmigo:
o puede visitar nuestra página web:…

Así que no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros con cualquier pregunta que usted tenga con el curso!


:iconwillowxd: WillowXD - Co-fundador de The3DArtistClub

English Translation 

I would like to announce that at Sakura Consulting Group we are providing online courses. I will be running a course for introduction to 3Ds Max, This course is aimed at people who would like to learn how to create 3D in 3Ds Max, this can be for some one who knows nothing about 3D or a person that already knows another 3D program and would like to learn 3Ds Max. 

The course will consist of Video tutorials, time-lapse videos, weekly tasks and activity's and forum where you can talk with your peers and teacher.

This course is currently only in Spanish, but hoping to get the English version up soon!

The course is fully online and lasts one month (4 weeks) and can have 2 to 30 participants in one class. and can be done in your own time.

The course costs $120 (including VAT)
Book by the 15th October, Get the discounted price of $45! (including VAT)
you can pay by Bank transfer or PayPal.

For more information contact me:
or you can visit our webpage:… (Spanish only!)

So don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have with the course!

Thank you!

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD - Co-founder of The3DArtistClub

WillowXD's Portfolio of Work 

So here is my new showreel on my resent 3D project! I really liked working on this project, made in Autodesk 3Ds Max 2014, rendered using mental ray, rendering time 3-4 weeks, total project building time 10 weeks, hope you like it!

:facebook: My Art Facebook Page -…
My Portfolio -

We now have a Super Group Subscription!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 11:16 PM

Hi and Welcome!

Thanks everyone who donated, we now have a Super Group Subscription!

I'm very happy to have such great members in this group, that donated their :points: to make this happen, it didn't matter the amount each of these members donated, the fact is they all banded together to make it possible!

A little tribute to the members as donated:

:iconlynxander: Lynxander

Coming for dinner by Lynxander Car Show Pickup by Lynxander Baby dolls by Lynxander

:iconfuckoffffff: FuckOffffff

:thumb449529315: :thumb428010567: Sanctuary by FuckOffffff

:iconcynickalcyn: cyNickalCyn

Sailing The Coast Of Pent by cyNickalCyn Vues Flying Fantasies by cyNickalCyn Mishikas Delirium Test Background by cyNickalCyn

:icon3dstage: 3dstage

:thumb460870689: Steampunk Crystal Ball by 3dstage :thumb352155419:

:icontate27kh: Tate27kh

Hourglass1 by Tate27kh Fannus 3D by Tate27kh Glass Bowl and Spheres Scene by Tate27kh

:iconr-ego: R-EGO

Tribal 4K by R-EGO Crazy Cubes by R-EGO First step in C4D by R-EGO

:iconjleoc: jleoc

Garamond City 83 by jleoc cubegrids36 c4 1920x1080 01VAB by jleoc garamond2014 06 C1 1600x1200 01CVA by jleoc

:iconfredrikh: FredrikH

Zoidberg 1 by FredrikH Magma elemental reworked by FredrikH Bearded guy by FredrikH

:iconlillithi: LillithI

Moth by LillithI Wildfairy Foraging by LillithI The Elven Wood by LillithI

:iconjoeyblendhead: JoeyBlendhead

Hot Day by JoeyBlendhead Cactus by JoeyBlendhead Doughnuts by JoeyBlendhead

:iconaudre: audre

Carved Dragon Bone Detail by audre Hangin with Mom Before Bedtime by audre Pongalicous 042 .:Volumetric Light Yay!:. by audre

:iconhj-valdi: HJ-Valdi

Lonely Mountain Pass by HJ-Valdi Surreal Serenity by HJ-Valdi A Scream Like Thunder by HJ-Valdi

:iconsewing0109: SEwing0109

BiRadially Symmetrical Insectoid by SEwing0109 RGB Isle (Animated GIF) by SEwing0109 Mandelbulb 3D -- Rainbow Virus v2 by SEwing0109

:icony-phil: Y-Phil

Just Jayne by Y-Phil Luna by Y-Phil Sarenity, teasing... by Y-Phil

:icontats2: tats2

Portrait 52 by tats2 Fresh Air by tats2 Glamour 12 by tats2

:iconmidniyt: Midniyt

Graceful by Midniyt Lets go by Midniyt Treasure by Midniyt

:iconancestorsrelic: ancestorsrelic

Cattack! by ancestorsrelic Sunbasking by ancestorsrelic I must not fear by ancestorsrelic

:iconlittle-bacchus: Little-Bacchus

lament Configuration by Little-Bacchus Ice and a slice by Little-Bacchus Something Missing by Little-Bacchus

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD

Waiting Lounge by WillowXD Four Seasons by WillowXD Female Head Final by WillowXD

So thanks again to everyone who donated, any leftover points are going to be put in the next donation pool!

Co-Founder of The3DArtistClub

Dear members,

We are a Super Group once again!

We want to thank everyone of our members who supported us, and donated points to make this a reality, we appreciate it… I highly appreciate it!!

Financial burdens kept us from being able to fund the Supergroup status this year, so we are very happy and humbled to receive the amount of financial love and support from all of you.

We want to specially thank, WillowXD, for taking the initiative and setting up the donation pool, her dedication and unwavering support for the group is second to none!


:iconetherealproject: EtherealProject

Club Social Networking!!!

Facebook | The3DArtistClub

If you have a Facebook account why not join our Facebook group, this is a great way to keep in touch with fellow members and the club as a whole!

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