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One of the Biggest 3D Clubs!

We now have a Super Group Subscription!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 11:16 PM

Hi and Welcome!

Thanks everyone who donated, we now have a Super Group Subscription!

I'm very happy to have such great members in this group, that donated their :points: to make this happen, it didn't matter the amount each of these members donated, the fact is they all banded together to make it possible!

A little tribute to the members as donated:

:iconlynxander: Lynxander

Coming for dinner by Lynxander Car Show Pickup by Lynxander Baby dolls by Lynxander

:iconlenzkist74: LenzKist74

:thumb449529315: Polar Splendour by LenzKist74 Sanctuary by LenzKist74

:iconcynickalcyn: cyNickalCyn

Sailing The Coast Of Pent by cyNickalCyn Vues Flying Fantasies by cyNickalCyn Mishikas Delirium Test Background by cyNickalCyn

:icon3dstage: 3dstage

Alone by 3dstage Steampunk Crystal Ball by 3dstage Hypnotic by 3dstage

:icontate27kh: Tate27kh

Hourglass1 by Tate27kh Fannus 3D by Tate27kh Glass Bowl and Spheres Scene by Tate27kh

:iconr-ego: R-EGO

Tribal 4K by R-EGO Crazy Cubes by R-EGO First step in C4D by R-EGO

:iconjollard: Jollard

Garamond City 83 by Jollard cubegrids36 c4 1920x1080 01VAB by Jollard garamond2014 06 C1 1600x1200 01CVA by Jollard

:iconfredrikh: FredrikH

Zoidberg 1 by FredrikH Magma elemental reworked by FredrikH Bearded guy by FredrikH

:iconlillithi: LillithI

Moth by LillithI Wildfairy Foraging by LillithI The Elven Wood by LillithI

:iconjoeyblendhead: JoeyBlendhead

Hot Day by JoeyBlendhead Cactus by JoeyBlendhead Doughnuts by JoeyBlendhead

:iconaudre: audre

Carved Dragon Bone Detail by audre Hangin with Mom Before Bedtime by audre Pongalicous 042 .:Volumetric Light Yay!:. by audre

:iconhj-valdi: HJ-Valdi

Lonely Mountain Pass by HJ-Valdi Surreal Serenity by HJ-Valdi A Scream Like Thunder by HJ-Valdi

:iconsewing0109: SEwing0109

BiRadially Symmetrical Insectoid by SEwing0109 RGB Isle (Animated GIF) by SEwing0109 Mandelbulb 3D -- Rainbow Virus v2 by SEwing0109

:icony-phil: Y-Phil

Just Jayne by Y-Phil Luna by Y-Phil Sarenity, teasing... by Y-Phil

:icontats2: tats2

Portrait 52 by tats2 Fresh Air by tats2 Glamour 12 by tats2

:iconmidniyt: Midniyt

Graceful by Midniyt Lets go by Midniyt Treasure by Midniyt

:iconancestorsrelic: ancestorsrelic

Cattack! by ancestorsrelic Sunbasking by ancestorsrelic I must not fear by ancestorsrelic

:iconlittle-bacchus: Little-Bacchus

lament Configuration by Little-Bacchus Ice and a slice by Little-Bacchus Something Missing by Little-Bacchus

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD

Waiting Lounge by WillowXD Four Seasons by WillowXD Female Head Final by WillowXD

So thanks again to everyone who donated, any leftover points are going to be put in the next donation pool!

Co-Founder of The3DArtistClub

Dear members,

We are a Super Group once again!

We want to thank everyone of our members who supported us, and donated points to make this a reality, we appreciate it… I highly appreciate it!!

Financial burdens kept us from being able to fund the Supergroup status this year, so we are very happy and humbled to receive the amount of financial love and support from all of you.

We want to specially thank, WillowXD, for taking the initiative and setting up the donation pool, her dedication and unwavering support for the group is second to none!


:iconetherealproject: EtherealProject
Hi and Welcome

Donations Needed to make this a super group once again!

I (WillowXD) has set up a donation pool, on my user page, we need 3,796 :points: points, I have already donated 1000 points that will help towards the total of 4,796 :points: points to get a years super subscription for the group!

We have 2992 :points: points so far, we only need 804 :points: points, please donate!!!

All donations will be greatly appreciated, big or small!

Any one who donates will be listed on the groups journal!

thanks for your time and appreciation, and we hope you keep supporting The3DArtistClub

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD

co-founder at The3DArtistClub


Sketchfab is now integrated with DA Journals

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 29, 2014, 1:40 PM

DeviantART is proud to announce a new partnership with 3D web publishing service, Sketchfab!

Sketchfab, a leading platform to publish, share, and embed interactive 3D content, allows you to bring your 3D artwork to life in real-time without a plugin.

For more information please follow the link:…


New Galleries and Updated Submission Rules

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 12:05 PM

Hi everyone!

This is a short announcement to let you all know about some of the changes and additions that we have made lately here at T3DAC.
As some of you might have already noticed, we have made some changes and additions to the submission rules and also have added some new galleries.


We've updated the submission rules after noticing some negative trends in the submission process:

1) All submission must have a description stating at the very least the programs that were used in the creation of the artwork being submitted. We are doing this mainly to streamline the
submission process, and thus get your artworks into our galleries much faster. This also helps us classify your artwork so we know exactly in which gallery to display it. Aside from that, we believe that it is a good practice to let your audience know what software was used and how you got to the finish product. It truly adds credibility and professionalism to your artwork.
So please, be aware that any submission without a description (stating at least the software used in its creation) will be automatically declined. No exceptions!

2) Due to potential legal issues, we will no longer accept XPS or XNALara renders, or artwork from any similar software.

3) We will no longer accept sexually explicit material into our galleries. It's really gotten out of hand, and we have been receiving many, truly disgusting pieces depicting sexual violence against women. We are not prudes, nor are we here to be the art police, but this trend has really cross the line and we can no longer sit by and promote these pieces through our galleries.


We have also added several new galleries in order to serve our audience in a more efficient manner. Our new gallery categories are:

1) Vue and Terragen environments:
Gallery for all environments, scenes, and worlds created in Vue or Terragen

2) DAZ and Poser Characters:
Gallery for all DAZ and Poser character artwork.

3) DAZ and Poser Scenes:
Gallery for all DAZ and Poser scenes.

4) COMBO (Combination Gallery):
Gallery for all artwork created through the use of DAZ/Poser in combination with any other polygon modeling, digital sculpting, animation, or rendering application. This gallery is also intended for any artwork that doesn't fit in any of our other galleries or categories.

5) Architecture:
Gallery for all architectural models.

6) Artistic Anatomy & Nudes:
Gallery for all anatomy studies, be it human or animal anatomy. This is the home for all Écorchés and artistic nudes.

7) Typography, Symbols and Logos:
Well, the title pretty much sums up what this gallery is for.

Each gallery has it's own set of submission rules about what's accepted and what's not accepted in its pages. To ensure that your submissions will go through with any problems, please make sure to read those brief rules before you submit your artwork.

For now those are all of the changes and additions we have made here at the club. We are planning in adding a few more galleries in the near future, as well as other fun activities for all our members. Please stay tuned!

We want to thank you, all of our members, for sharing your wonderful artworks with us through all of these years; our membership has grown substantially in the last few months, and we are very happy to witness the rapid growth of such strong, vibrant and artistic community.

Thank you!

Club Social Networking!!!

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If you have a Facebook account why not join our Facebook group, this is a great way to keep in touch with fellow members and the club as a whole!

Do you have a Facebook page just for your Art Work? 

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