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We now have a Super Group Subscription!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 27, 2014, 11:16 PM

Hi and Welcome!

Thanks everyone who donated, we now have a Super Group Subscription!

I'm very happy to have such great members in this group, that donated their :points: to make this happen, it didn't matter the amount each of these members donated, the fact is they all banded together to make it possible!

A little tribute to the members as donated:

:iconlynxander: Lynxander

Coming for dinner by Lynxander Car Show Pickup by Lynxander Baby dolls by Lynxander

:iconlenzkist74: LenzKist74

Where Do We Go From Here? by LenzKist74 Polar Splendour by LenzKist74 Sanctuary by LenzKist74

:iconcynickalcyn: cyNickalCyn

Sailing The Coast Of Pent by cyNickalCyn Vues Flying Fantasies by cyNickalCyn Mishikas Delirium Test Background by cyNickalCyn

:icon3dstage: 3dstage

Alone by 3dstage Steampunk Crystal Ball by 3dstage Hypnotic by 3dstage

:icontate27kh: Tate27kh

Hourglass1 by Tate27kh Fannus 3D by Tate27kh Glass Bowl and Spheres Scene by Tate27kh

:iconr-ego: R-EGO

Tribal 4K by R-EGO Crazy Cubes by R-EGO First step in C4D by R-EGO

:iconjoard: Joard

Garamond City 83 by Joard cubegrids36 c4 1920x1080 01VAB by Joard garamond2014 06 C1 1600x1200 01CVA by Joard

:iconfredrikh: FredrikH

Zoidberg 1 by FredrikH Magma elemental reworked by FredrikH Bearded guy by FredrikH

:iconlillithi: LillithI

Moth by LillithI Wildfairy Foraging by LillithI The Elven Wood by LillithI

:iconjoeyblendhead: JoeyBlendhead

Hot Day by JoeyBlendhead Cactus by JoeyBlendhead Doughnuts by JoeyBlendhead

:iconaudre: audre

Carved Dragon Bone Detail by audre Hangin with Mom Before Bedtime by audre Pongalicous 042 .:Volumetric Light Yay!:. by audre

:iconhj-valdi: HJ-Valdi

Lonely Mountain Pass by HJ-Valdi Surreal Serenity by HJ-Valdi A Scream Like Thunder by HJ-Valdi

:iconbatfan1939: Batfan1939

BiRadially-Symmetrical-Insectoid by Batfan1939 RGB Isle (Animated GIF) by Batfan1939 Mandelbulb 3D -- Rainbow Virus v2 by Batfan1939

:icony-phil: Y-Phil

Just Jayne by Y-Phil Luna by Y-Phil Sarenity, teasing... by Y-Phil

:icontats2: tats2

Portrait 52 by tats2 Fresh Air by tats2 Glamour 12 by tats2

:iconmidniyt: Midniyt

Graceful by Midniyt Lets go by Midniyt Treasure by Midniyt

:iconancestorsrelic: ancestorsrelic

Cattack! by ancestorsrelic Sunbasking by ancestorsrelic I must not fear by ancestorsrelic

:iconlittle-bacchus: Little-Bacchus

lament Configuration by Little-Bacchus Ice and a slice by Little-Bacchus Something Missing by Little-Bacchus

:iconwillowxd: WillowXD

Waiting Lounge by WillowXD Four Seasons by WillowXD Female Head Final by WillowXD

So thanks again to everyone who donated, any leftover points are going to be put in the next donation pool!

Co-Founder of The3DArtistClub

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Are you happy that the group has a Super group subscription again? 

44 deviants said Yes, thanks to all the people who donated :points: points to make it happen!
15 deviants said It didn't really bother me, the group is great with or without a subscription
15 deviants said It didn't really bother me, I'm just here to see other people artwork
9 deviants said Yes, the group looks great again and has more features!
4 deviants said No, I think it's just a waste of money, the group is still great without it...
1 deviant said No, I think it distracts from members Artwork...


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Wee-Froggy Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Thanks for the inclusion.
PaulV3Design Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014   Digital Artist
Thanks for the accept. 
Lilithedragon Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hi, I am a beginner in blender 3D and I have a problem with a model I did, I wish someone could help me please :) thanks
Wee-Froggy Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Thanks for including my submission.
Trigger--Happy Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Help Wanted:
I need help, desperately. Please help me make this project into reality. I need environment artists, riggers and texture artists to help me complete a 3D motion comic. Please, PLEASE spread this around as much as possible or help me by volunteering to help me finish this project. I can't promise those helping any money but I can promise that any work that you do, you may use in your demo reels or portfolios. You will also be given full credit for your contribution. This is more of an experience gainer than anything but I hope that you'll help or at least spread this around to someone that will. If I do manage to figure out a way to monetize this, you will be compensated but for now, I need volunteers ASAP! PLEASE help me with this, I need your help to get this finished. Please help me out, I am desperate to see this happen!
Cllaud Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hello, kinda beginner in maya, can anyone help me with it? please send a note if so, thanks (:
EtherealProject Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
What kind of question do you have?, I just might be able to help!

Cllaud Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've done a 3D model in Maya and also done the textures for it in photoshop, but I can't import it into marmoset since I need to make diffuse/alpha texture maps. I'm kinda clueless at that point xD not sure what software to use to make them and how to make them. Would help a lot if you could explain. Thanks (:
EtherealProject Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Diffuse maps is another name for color texture maps, the same ones you have already created it in Photoshop. Alpha maps are meant to separate parts of a model that will be transparent or translucent. So if you have a part of a model that needs to have something transparent or semi-transparent then you use an alpha Map to achieve that effect. An alpha map is usually a gray scale image, the transparent part should be white and everything else should be black; if the effect is to be semi-transparent then the white part will be some gray value. This value will dictate the degree of transparency or translucency. To get the alpha map out of Maya you have to isolate the piece of the model that will be transparent, and in the Render Settings, go into Passes and find the New Render Pass button. Click on it, choose Alpha from the list and add it to the Associated Passes window. This will set Mental Ray (I assume you have MR) to render alphas. Render the piece. You will find the alpha under the Render View > File > Load Render Pass. Save it from that window. That's it.

I hope this helps.
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Wee-Froggy Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2014
Hi, just wondering which folder I should submit this to for review.  It's a still linked to an animation on Youtube.

Deviation -…

Animation -
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